Gifts for Bridesmaids.

It is traditional for the Bride and Groom to buy a small gift for the Bridesmaids. There would usually be a Chief Bridesmaid, or in some cases a matron of Honour. Their responsibility is making sure that the other bridesmaids are in the right place a the right time. There could then be any number of Bridesmaids, depending on the wishes on the Bride and Groom.

Usually dressed in co-ordinating colours, the bridesmaids are an essential part of the wedding ceremony. It is therefore only fitting that they should receive a small token of thanks from the happy couple for their support on the big day. An unusual gift for the bridesmaids or a personalised gift for the bridesmaids is bound to be well received – particularly if it is also a practical gift . It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift.  It just needs to show a little recognition of the contribution to the big day.

There is a wide range of suitable gifts for all budgets and for all ages. The older bridesmaids  might  prefer something like a beautiful compact case, a nice piece of jewellery or may be a nice wine glass. Something to remember the day. For the younger bridesmaid, then it might be a piece of jewellery, a bracelet or necklace. Whatever you finally decide upon, then there is a good choice of suitable gifts on our wedding gifts and favours pages.